Vend Review


Vend is a 100% web-based ("cloud-based") POS system. It is flexible, portable and requires little upfront investment.

Unlike it shopkeep, it is not exlusive to the iPad, but can run on most hardware with internet access. Infact Vend is designed to work with the hardware and equipment that you already have. This makes it great for new businesses with tight budgets.

Vend focuses mainly on retail businesses, but can be used for any industry. It is best used for simple, quick-serve type of businesses (retail, coffee shops, etc.) that need a simple, but powerful point of sale system to perform transactions, track inventory, perform accounting operations, etc.

One of the big concerns with "cloud-based" point of sale systems is their dependency (and therefore, your businesses dependency on internet connection.

So if your internet is down, you will not be able to launch or log into Vend. However, if it is already launched and connection is lost, Vend uses HTML5 technology to store transactions and continue operations. It will sync once the system reconnects. It is noted that we do not know the extent of the capabilities of this feature completely. For instance, how much data can it store until it reconnects? Are there data saving limitations (credit card info)?

Adding / Modifying Products

Adding products is pretty easy using Vend. There is general product information, such as product name, description, type, supplier, sales code, as well as product variations such as shirt size or color. You can import products from csv file very easily.

Since the products are stored online, additions or product modifications are updated almost immediately.

When managing multiple stores or stores with multiple registers, Vend can provide a lot of flexibility. Configuration of each register is completed through the one, universal back end web page, and product availability / pricing can vary between stores.


Vend can manage reorder points, multiple locations, bar codes, purchase orders, products with multiple sizes or colors, etc. One cool thing is the bar code compatibility with Shopify that can directly link your products for either online or store front sales. When researching, this seemed to be a highlight that many people touched on.

Vend allows you to receive and order products, get low-inventory notices and maintain control over inventory.


Vend integrates with Xero and has options to export data to other accounting applications. Again, a great feature is the ability to tie in-store and ecommerce accounting and inventory.

Customer Management

Vend tracks customer purchases and allows you to add information so you can segment customer groups, offer special discounts to these segments, and track sales. Customers can opt in to receive their receipts by email.

Technical Support

From reviews online, we have gathered that customer support is average to below-average. There were a couple of complaints that email responses sometimes took days.


Currently, cashiers can be granted permission to offer percentage-based customer discounts. The option to offer fixed price discounts does not currently exist.

Vend does have a slick loyalty program option that allows customers to use their name to get rewarded. If they are not on your loyalty program, but purchase something in your store, they are able to sign up on their email receipt. This is a great feature to give your customers and saves time during the actual in-store transaction.